The Past Life Regression Program

Group Workshops
Individual Sessions by Appointment
To Schedule, call (216) 261-2502
The Regression Experience
Discover the power and healing  potential of Past Life Regression to:
  • Gain spiritual insight into the lessons of your past lives,
  • Access higher states of consciousness,
  • Experience past life memories which may lead to healing breakthroughs, and
  • Make spiritual progress through    deeper self–understanding.

Past Life Regression is a method whereby you are guided in a safe and gentle way to:
  • Experience a deep sense of relaxation,
  • Learn meditation and regression techniques,
  • Retrieve and explore powerful and meaningful imagery from this lifetime and prior lifetimes, and
  • Uncover the keys/lessons helpful in  releasing yourself from places where you are in need of healing.

Group Workshops
Workshops will guide individuals in a group setting to experience past life memories through various exercises designed to access memories, lessons and broader understandings from past lives — and where possible, to apply them to the present life.

Held twice yearly at Laughing Creek
Time: 10:00 am until 4:00 pm
Cost:  $75.00
Individual Sessions
Various hypnosis techniques such as rapid induction, guided imagery, and visualization will be used to assist individuals to access past life memories for the purpose of increasing spiritual understanding, clearing energy blocks and accessing higher consciousness.

By Appointment:
60 minutes: $100.00
90 minutes: $150.00
To Schedule:
Call 216-261-2502

The Regression Therapist
Kendra Esser has committed the last  thirty years of her life to a rich and all encompassing “living experience” — studying and applying the principles of Transformation and Self-Realization. 

As a CHEMAM Clearance Technologist and a CHEMAM Certified Astrologer —       Kendra offers classes, workshops and readings to bring this depth of esoteric training, personal growth and life         experience to her work with students.

Kendra is also a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) and a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, trained by Dr. Brian Weiss.  Dr. Weiss is the    nation’s leading authority on past-life  regression therapy and the author of nine books, including the best-selling Many Lives, Many Masters.  Kendra integrates her training under Dr. Weiss with her many years of therapy practice and      esoteric study to bring the CHEMAM Past Life Regression Program to life.