Secondary Progressions Astrology Class

                  Secondary Progressions is the most popular system of progressions. Learn another
                 tool used to bring the natal chart into the present moment. During this four week  
                 class you will have the opportunity to learn how to calculate and read secondary progressions as they relate to your natal chart. Pre-requisite: Basic Astrology and a basic understanding of transiting planets.

$75.00 for 4-week class

                  A Lunar Cycle Astrology Class

                 This 4-week class is for those students who would like to make the study of astrology 
                 practical in their own lives …  In a supportive atmosphere students with a basic
                 understanding of astrology will be taught the lunar cycle and assisted to make astrological connections to their real life experiences.

Using a Tri-wheel printout of their natal, solar and lunar wheels, students will meet on a weekly basis to discuss the events of the past week as it corresponds to the moon's transits.

$75.00  for 4-week class 

                  Return to Yourself:
                  A Saturn Return Class

                  Personalities are formed through a symphony of cycles which move one through life.   
                  Educators, psychologists, counselors, social workers and astrologers, to name a few, recognize cycles and understand their importance in human development. Although their names may vary, these cycles are all recognized as distinct periods of change and potential growth. Astrologers study the relationship of the planets and their cycles.  Individuals become conscious of these astrological dynamics through practical application which is vital to one’s personal and spiritual growth. Join us for an opportunity to learn the cycles of Saturn and recognize the effects it may have on your life.  

$75.00  for 4 week class

                  Reading Charts Support Group

                  Join this lively support group, working together, with a CHEMAM certified astrologer to
                 interpret charts of “famous” people.  This gives one the opportunity to bring to life all
                 the different astrology techniques that have been learned to date.  During this four week session you will compare transits to the natal chart with the public knowledge of events for four different “famous” people. Pre-requisite: Basic Astrology and a basic understanding of transiting planets.

$50.00 for 4-week session