Basic Astrology I

The Basic Astrology Series 1 will introduce you to the study of Astrology combining creative exercises, lively discussions and a step-by-step instruction, all within a group atmosphere.  Accompanied by a clearly laid out workbook, you will learn about the signs, planets and houses as the basic building blocks of this new language.  And along the way you will have the opportunity to increase your self-awareness, as you will be assisted to begin to apply the material that you are learning to your own natal chart.  

$120.00     6 week class  Saturdays Jan. 13 & 29, Feb. 10 & 24, March 10 & 24, 2018
Teacher:   Bridgit O'Sullivan,  CHEMAM Certified Astrologist

                       Basic Astrology II

This series builds upon the foundation established in Basic Astrology I.  Each class covers topics that explore the relationships between the signs and the planets.  Students are given ample opportunity to learn more about themselves by applying the class lessons to their own chart.  This series will introduce the ephemeris as a tool to identify current planetary transits to the student's charts.  Prerequisite: Basic Astrology I.  

$120.00  for 6 week class 
Teacher Bridgit O'Sullivan, CHEMAM Certified Astrologist

                       Basic Astrology III

This final 46week series of Basic Astrology emphasizes observation of the lunar cycles in each student’s chart through identification of behavior patterns.  The student will watch the influence of the Moon phases and learn to understand their meaning.  This series will also introduce the Solar Return as a chart of the transiting energies for the coming year.  Prerequisite: Basic Astrology II 

$120.00   6 week class 
Teacher: Bridgit O'Sullivan, CHEMAM Certified Astrologist