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In this very busy and stressful world, one needs to find a sanctuary: a place to help bridge the gap between the outer and inner worlds we occupy.  CHEMAM is providing such a place.  This is a time of transition from the intensity that drives one's work week to the centeredness of a soulful place within.  One can choose from a menu of services to help with this transition each week.  Improve your health, strengthen your spiritual connection or just have fun.


Contact Bridgit for more information or to make an appointment.
Email or Phone 216.261.2502.


Conscious Living requires opening your heart and observing what IS.  Conscious Living requires being present and accepting of all aspects of one's Beingness.  Over time we have been conditioned to view ourselves in a polarity:  good-bad, right-wrong, smart-stupid, etc.  Ignoring any one of those opposites can be destructive to our health.  Compassion is seeing the WHOLE.  It requires a heartfelt acceptance of "what is", without the surrounding emotional and mental qualifications.

Conscious Living Workshops are offered monthly.

A place to help you bridge 
the outer and inner worlds 
you occupy...

M. Bridgit O’Sullivan 
has spent the past 25 years training in CHEMAM using the transformation process to develop her inner self and is now excited to share her experiences and knowledge with those interested.  She is a CHEMAM Certified Astrologist and a Clearance Technologist.  Bridgit teaches, coaches and provides readings.  She is the founder and coordinator of the “I Matter” Salon.
Brooke Heider 
is an Ethical Massage Practitioner who specializes in relaxation / stress reduction (Swedish) Massage and Chair Massage.  She is a certified member of  the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).
The practitioners of The "I MATTER" Salon are listed below.  Included are the practitioners who provide individual sessions as well class & workshop teachers / facilitators.
Debbie Craven 
is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner.  Debbie, a practitioner as well as an educator, is currently teaching within the I Matter Salon's "Conscious Living Program".
Jennifer Deister
is an Ethical Massage Practitioner specializing in stress reducing and relaxation massage techniques. She believes in treating the body as a whole, as each muscle is intertwined and connected to each other. Your body reaps more of the wonderful benefits of a whole body massage. Some of these healthy benefits are overall stress reduction, more restful sleep, improved circulation, relaxation of muscle tissue, enhanced sense of well-being and can also aid in pain relief. She currently works on several athletes including gymnasts, runners, ballroom dancers and people who are just looking for relaxation!