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Center for Holistic Energy Management and Applied Metaphysics

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                       ​Intentional Living Program "I MATTER" Salon
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True Nurturance Presentation
                       Caring For the Body, Mind and Spirit                                                                          
Saturday Jan 21, 2017
10:00 am - Noon
Presenter: Debbie Craven, LMT, CR, RMT
Presenter: Bridgit O’Sullivan, MA, LPC. LSW

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs best describes the various levels and developmental stages that human beings journey through during their life time. We can either take this journey unconsciously or consciously.

The time has come to be self determining and responsible for your own quality of life. We will introduce the various techniques, skills, tools and options for caring for your physical body.

The “I MATTER” Salon is committed to providing education and services that assist individuals in living consciously. This series of quarterly workshops will address the various topics that educate and demonstrate true nurturance while caring for the body, mind and spirit. Don’t miss the opening introduction in a Series of Conscious Living Workshops. 

COST: $25.00